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The A to Z of inventing

Got an idea? Is my idea new? – How do I Patent?

How do I make money from my Idea?

Join us for a one day master-class to answer all your questions. This course is ideally suited for novice & experienced inventors and could save you £1,000’s and potentially earn you millions of £’s. Book now ----


Master-class: At The Invention Centre. Regular monthly master-classes at the Invention Centre, the last Friday of every month, commencing Friday 27th April, 10.00 am to 4.00 pm, including lunch. Maximum of 12 delegates. Cost: £120.00 per delegate, group booking discount.



· Inventor club’s

· Is my idea new, how to search for free!

· Is there a market, how to research?

· Proto types, proof of concept, cad drawing, rapid prototypes!

· Protection, patents, registered design, UK or World?

· Getting it made, tooling, moulds, manufacture, UK, China or elsewhere!

· Trade missions, UKTI, Import & export.

· Marketing, Press releases, on-line shop, website, EBay, Amazon, YouTube, trade shows, business cards, free publicity, TV, radio, papers, trade magazines, etc.

· The power of Networking.

· Non Disclosure agreements, leave a paper trail!

· Make, Sell, License or all three?

· Infringement, litigation, adverse publicity for infringers!

· Presentation skills, be prepared for constructive criticism!

· Dragons Den, Yes or No?

· Beware of predators, vultures & sharks.

· Certificate of accreditation.

· And Finally, Have Fun.

Guest Speaker: At your premises or venue, 45 minutes, £250 plus expenses. This is ideally suited for after dinner speaking, product launches, etc.

Master class: at your premises or venue, 4 hours. £800 plus expenses. This is ideally suited for large groups, schools, chambers of commerce, rotary clubs, local authorities, etc.


About the Speakers:

Barry Slayford: Founder & Chairman of the Round Table of Inventors (RTI & CRTI), Founder & President of the UK’s first & only Invention Centre. Founder Executive of the South London Export Club (SLEC). National T.V appearances.

Mark Sheahan: Pioneer of the Nation, Inventor in Residence at the British Library, former British & American Inventor of the year, President of the Institute of Patentees & Inventors (IPI).


Interested parties should contact Barry Slayford: barry.slayford@therti.org.uk

Showcasing Innovation:  Dr. Victor Higgs  
Victor is the Worlds leading expert on Nano Technology, his breath analyser is being developed in Japan for use in mobile phones to detect asthma, diabetes and possibly some cancers. Victor will demonstrating how Nano materials & products can be used, especially for use with inventions, to give you that "USP" factor! Victor has been head hunted by Newham College, Discovery Lab, to promote "Showcasing Innovation". If you are a London based business, you can apply for support through "Showcasing Innovation" - worth up to £2,500. This EU funded project will focus on Smart coatings, touch & go tracking, new energy saving lighting and how to use emerging technology. To book your place on this free course, you should contact Victor direct, limited spaces available, do not miss out!  Follow link below for the flyer.

  Contact Dr. Victor Higgs, Applied Nanodetectors Ltd. Mobile: 07946 615139  

Electric Vehicle:
Our thanks go to GlaxoSmithKline PLC for donating an electric vehicle, a Bradsaw, Burden Carrier, complete with charger to The RTI. Worth in excess of £5,000, we will be using the vehicle for promotional purposes for use with The RTI Invention Centre. We will also be experimenting alternative energy sources, i.e. solar, nano, fuel cells, etc, it will also be  re sprayed and restored to its former glory. The vehicle together with all the furniture donated by GSK now totals over £35K,  In return, The RTI will be making a donation to St Christopher Hospice at the official launch of "The Invention Centre", this is planned for February 2011.

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